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Saatchis unite for meaningful change

Saatchis unite for meaningful change

Saatchi Gallery welcomes M&C Saatchi Group as a Principal Patron

Graduates from M&C Saatchi Group’s creative access programme Open House, now employees of the Group, attend an exclusive meet and greet at Saatchi Gallery in London, with British artist Dan Rawlings

Inspiring the next generation of creatives and reignite access to the arts

London, UK, Wednesday 29 September 2021: Global creative company M&C Saatchi Group today announces that it will become a Principal Patron of Saatchi Gallery in a three-year partnership that will deepen access to contemporary art and broaden learning opportunities for young people in the UK and worldwide.

The global creative company’s collaboration with the renowned contemporary art gallery will include community engagement projects, a cultural change programme to identify the next generation of artists influencing real societal change, an annual art prize and an expanded learning programme.

As a charity, Saatchi Gallery engages with students and community groups through free exhibition visits, on-site workshops, online resources, and a dedicated learning space. M&C Saatchi has already reached thousands of young people through popular creative access initiatives including Saturday School and Mentor Black Business, which teach creative entrepreneurs from under-represented groups about business, Carbon Academy, which connects with female inner London sixth formers, and Open House, its free online marketing and advertising training programme available to people of all ages from anywhere in the world, including under-represented groups.

The partnership comes as M&C Saatchi Group enters a new chapter under the leadership of CEO Moray MacLennan, who took over the global creative company in January 2021. Since stepping into the role he’s reset the strategy, introduced a new global operating structure focused on simplification and integration, and returned the Group to a strong financial position.

Creativity changes everything

Left to right

Richard Thompson, M&C Saatchi Group UK Chairman

Dan Rawlings, emerging British artist

Ed Steven, Board Representative for Saatchi Gallery

Artwork – Super Regular 2021 by Dan Rawlings

As we emerge post-pandemic, our partnership with Saatchi Gallery will reignite innovation in, and access to, contemporary art. From influencing human rights and conflict prevention to addressing the climate emergency, M&C Saatchi has always believed in the power of iconic creativity to change the world.

Richard ThompsonM&C Saatchi UK Group Chairman

This ground-breaking partnership will provide a meaningful contribution to the arts. Our ambition is to bring art and culture to a younger and more diverse audience because, quite simply, creativity changes everything.

Moray MacLennanM&C Saatchi Global CEO

The partnership is founded on a shared mission in making art, culture, and creativity accessible to everyone – including youth participation in the arts, which has been linked to positive academic and social outcomes later in life[i].  However, opportunities for students to interact with contemporary art, in classrooms and school trips have been significantly reduced. The number of students sitting GSCE art exams has fallen by almost 40 percent since 2010, while the numbers of pupils taking art A level has dropped by almost a third.

Through this partnership, we will provide greater opportunities for our Learning Programme to stimulate creativity, innovation and cultural change. The partnership comes at a crucial time when funding and access to contemporary art is in decline, however there is a strong desire from the public to visit our exhibitions and be inspired. We are excited to see what we can now achieve together.

Ed StevenBoard Representative for Saatchi Gallery

It was interesting for me to know that not long after founding M&C Saatchi, Charles Saatchi donated 130 artworks to a Christie's auction in order to fund scholarships across four emerging London art schools. To this day, the Saatchi brand is synonymous with brilliant, thought-provoking, and challenging contemporary art. It's a brilliant thing.

Justin GrahamCEO, M&C Saatchi Group AUNZ

Bohemia Shortlisted for Business Impact at MFA Awards

Bohemia Shortlisted for Business Impact at MFA Awards

Against a competitive field with a record number of entries, Bohemia have been shortlisted for the Business Impact award at the MFA Awards for their outstanding work on Mackay Goodwin’s ‘Don’t give up.’ campaign.

The MFA Awards recognise and reward work that has delivered tangible results for clients in the short and long term. The Business Impact award is awarded for work which demonstrates significant commercial impact, and the contribution of media on achieving those business results.

Mackay Goodwin is a leader in restructure, turnaround and insolvency advice for struggling small-medium businesses. Bohemia’s empathetic communication strategy – recognising the new and incredibly stressful situation business owners faced in 2020 – empowered them to take a positive step forward by reaching out for expert guidance before it was too late. 

Thanks to the ‘Don’t give up.’ campaign, Mackay Goodwin was recognised in the ‘2021 Financial Times top high-growth companies in APAC and by the Australian Financial Review in the ‘2020 Fast 100’.

Most importantly, of the quality leads generated by the campaign, 100% of the businesses are still in business.

We are thrilled that this work has been recognised by the MFA and are looking forward to the final award results in February 2022.

It has been an exciting journey working with the Bohemia Team on the ‘Don’t Give up’ Campaign. Allowing us to position the brand at a time when there was so much uncertainty for businesses, as a brand that was there for businesses with support and solutions. We continue to see success from the campaign, building brand awareness and resulting in successful lead conversion and revenue growth.

Kate ConcannonChief Experience Officer, Mackay Goodwin

Mandie – B&T Best of the Best

Mandie van der Merwe named top Creative at B&T Best of the Best

B&T calls their Best of the Best Awards “the Australasian Open of advertising”, a show designed to celebrate the standout individuals within each discipline in our industry.

And it’s another big win for Mandie van der Merwe, Executive Creative Director at M&C Saatchi Sydney.

Her work on Tourism Australia, CommBank, Big W and BWS dramatises the depth, scale and innovativeness of her creative ambition. Among her many projects, Mandie has navigated TA’s shift from an audience of global travellers (creating Matesong) to encouraging Aussies to Holiday Here This Year. She led the development of CommBank’s new brand platform and brought it to life through their sponsorship of women’s cricket and in raising awareness of the threat of financial abuse.

In 2020, Mandie mentored two creative teams in the Young Glory competition. All four creatives (three women) made it into the Top 10 globally. Another team of young women went on to win the Australian Cannes Young Lions Competition under Mandie’s guidance.

Mandie is National Head of AWARD School, sits on SnapChat Creative Council and Award Committee and judged One Show Awards, New York Festivals and was the Jury Chair at this year’s AWARD Awards.

Mandie is a powerhouse. She’s tenacious, vivacious and diplomatic. She’s a superhero with unique special powers that enable her to convince people to do stuff.

Tony Hale, CEOThe Communications Council

Mandie’s thinking is innovative and inspiring. She genuinely cares about the work, the business and the people. Her track record for producing world class work is formidable.

Susan Coghill, CMOTourism Australia

Mandie – B&T Women in Media

Mandie van der Merwe wins at B&T Women in Media

Billed as “A celebration of the women who not only do fantastic work, but somehow manage to find the time to positively reset the zeitgeist along the way” B&T’s Women in Media Awards recognises and celebrates the very best females in our industry.

This year, M&C Saatchi ECD Mandie Van der Merwe was awarded the gong for Creative.

Mandie’s talent, commitment and professionalism, combined with her ability to give back and mentor and encourage women, is changing the face of advertising. 

Mandie has always been committed to training and mentorship of young talent in our industry, so it was no surprise when she was announced as the National Head of AWARD School. During her tenure, she has spearheaded the course with a strong focus on championing diversity of gender, race and culture amongst students, tutors, lecturers and judges – and ensured the courses thrived despite the pandemic.

The need for diversity in advertising, particularly in the creative departments, resonated with Mandie, who created more opportunities and flexible working conditions to make this happen. She has made a difference at M&C Saatchi by redressing the balance of only 17% women, hiring seven female creatives and promoting two women to creative leadership roles. 

In 2020, Mandie was speaker at Rare Sydney – a training programme for younger talent aimed at addressing the distinct lack of diversity in the creative industry. She sits on Snapchat Creative Council and the AWARD Committee, and has judged for the One Show Awards and New York Festivals, as well as being the jury chair at this year’s AWARD Awards. 

Mandie’s sphere of influence extends well beyond the M&C Saatchi Sydney and the M&C Saatchi global network. She has a determination and a vision to achieve changes in the wider industry and is focussed on championing young creative talent. In everything she does, it is poise, patience and perseverance.

Susan Coghill, CMOTourism Australia

It seems only yesterday that AWARD School was male dominated at every level. However, the 2020 version was 40/60 male/female with 70% of top students being female, an achievement we couldn’t have dreamt of a few years ago.

Tony Hale, CEOThe Communications Council

Bohemia Celebrates MFA Awards

The Bohemia Team at the 2019 MFA Awards

Bohemia celebrates MFA Award wins

The team dominated at awards night, taking home four wins.

The Bohemia team have taken home the win in four categories at this year’s MFA awards. 

With a renewed focus on effectiveness, the recognition is testament to the team’s commitment to delivering tangible results for their clients through the art and science of media. 

The wins included Brand Impact and Long Term Results for Gastro-Stop, Real Time Marketing for and Bravery for Ozmosis. 

Brand Impact & Long Term Results


Challenged to improve the overall Gastro-Stop’s suffer-to-treat ratio from 50% to 60% (as measured by brand tracking), the team had to affect change on a relatively low budget.

The team leveraged behavioural insights to create the Get Back to Your Asian Adventure campaign, playing off the FOMO attached to gastro and positioning Gastro-Stop as a kind of “Travel Insurance” throughout the travel journey. 

The results were outstanding.

  • 69% of people treating (against 60% target)
  • 46% increase in frequency of use
  • 40% increase in brand salience
  • 17% increase in value of sales (against 5% target)

Gastro-Stop also gained ascendancy in brand awareness over the key competitor for the first time, with the competitor decreasing to 40% and Gastro-Stop increasing to 51%. 

It also delivered significant and enduring commercial impact, leading to the brand being accepted into grocery in 2018.

Real-Time Marketing

As the #1 news site in Australia, is under constant pressure to defend its position given the ubiquitous availability of news online. And though the millennial audience was the ticket to further growth – this group were largely getting their news in their social feeds.

So we set out to burst the social bubble of Australian millennials.

Using real-time data and information to engage with consumers in a dynamic, adaptive manner, creative was executed daily in DOOH with weekly TV – neither usually thought of as real-time mediums.

Journalists, the marketing department, Bohemia and M&C Saatchi Sydney were united in a “war room” approach. Working together every day for the four months of the campaign to move at the speed of news.

  • 9am News Shortlist
  • Noon, first round creative
  • 3pm, live in digital, social, search and digital out of home

In total, 85 creative executions went live in under four months.

The campaign delivered impressive levels of growth on a very high base.

  • 10.3M Unique Audience (+13% growth vs target of +5%).
  • +1.1M New customers on a base of 9.2 million.
  • 9.5% Brand awareness.
  • 10% Increase on lead from the nearest competitor (



The MFA Bravery award demonstrate and celebrates how brave decision making has the ability to unlock results for brands and businesses.

Faced with a category in decline and a customer profile which over-indexed on mums and under-indexed on the skaters and surfers themselves, Ozmosis needed to do something drastic to grab the attention of this low-attention audience.

Knowing that the persistence to land a new trick or catch an irresistible wave comes with its fair share of bruises and scars, our strategy was to leverage these battle wounds as a medium to drive both earned attention and traffic to stores. 


  • 13% uplift in sales against 10% target
  • 61% of audience feeling more positive about Ozmosis against 50% target
  • 55% of audience agrees Ozmosis feels edgier and different against 50% target
  • 10x industry average click through rate
  • 105x industry average Facebook / Instagram engagement
  • +30% mobile click through rate vs retail benchmark

Most Innovative Media & Marketing Company 2019

Most Innovative Media & Marketing Company 2019

M&C Saatchi has been recognised as the Most Innovative Media and Marketing Company in Australia and New Zealand by The Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list.

This is the fifth year in a row that M&C Saatchi has appeared on the coveted list. In 2017 the agency was ranked the Most Innovative Company in Australia and awarded Best Product Innovation and Best Overall Innovation for the NRMA FireBlanket, a fire detection system created by the agency for the insurance brand. In 2018, the business was recognised for Best Innovation Culture.

This year, the agency was celebrated as the most innovative in the media and marketing industry, having exceeded in a range of criteria including its approach to innovation both for clients and its own business.

The innovation highlighted was the creation of Minerva, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot designed by M&C Saatchi’s CX and data specialists, Lida.

Minerva, or Minnie for short, was built using best-in-class and custom-made machine learning tools to provide a complete overview of the components of advertising. These components involve object identification, optical character recognition (image to text), sentiment analysis, gender/age/emotion classification, colour coding and more. This data is then stored in a database with the ability for AI to extract and visualise trends and enable analysis.

On International Women’s Day 2019, Minnie’s analysis of 80 years of advertising to women in The Australian Women’s Weekly was released. The analysis highlighted the change required by advertisers in regards to the depiction of women in advertising.

The initial findings included insights such as the fact that the skin colour of models has not changed. From the 1930s to today, the women in magazine advertisements are still overwhelmingly white-skinned and blonde. Additionally, until the 1980s, the language in advertising in The Australian Women’s Weekly was overwhelmingly patriarchal with the word ‘man’ more prevalent than ‘woman’ despite the advertising being directed at women.

Based on these findings, M&C Saatchi has since engaged with several brands to help decode their advertising and provide an objective view of how they portray diversity.


“At M&C Saatchi, we pride ourselves on using creativity to find innovative approaches that solve far-reaching problems. Minnie is a brilliant example of that, as is the work she has done so far in changing advertising for the better. Being recognised by the AFR’s Most Innovative Companies list is a great honour for our teams and the efforts they put into bringing this to life as well as our overall commitment to innovation.”

Jaimes Leggett, CEO