Ballsy campaign for testicular cancer gets its lions share.

Fresh from a win at Its first show, Cannes, ‘Game Of Balls’ looks forward to the rest of the awards circuit.

For the first time ever, an actual porno has been interrupted by a public health message.

GAME OF BALLS saw M&C Saatchi and Bang PR partner with Digital Playground, one of the biggest adult film studios, to be part of their biggest release of the year, a tribute to the world’s biggest TV show, Game of Thrones.

In the middle of the action, the porn star stopped, turned to the viewer, and taught him how to check himself – demonstrating on her co-star’s privates.

And because Australian men are 21% more likely to get testicular cancer than the world average, viewers were directed to the Blue Ball Foundation, an Australian awareness charity.

It literally caught men with their pants down. The message spread organically across the net, with views reaching 6+ million and counting…

GAME OF BALLS is now one of the most-watched films on the pornweb.

As hoped, the global awareness has filtered through to Australia.

And it’s still saving lives, the world over.

Surely that deserves a few more awards…