The Bohemia Team at the 2019 MFA Awards

Bohemia celebrates MFA Award wins

The team dominated at awards night, taking home four wins.

The Bohemia team have taken home the win in four categories at this year’s MFA awards. 

With a renewed focus on effectiveness, the recognition is testament to the team’s commitment to delivering tangible results for their clients through the art and science of media. 

The wins included Brand Impact and Long Term Results for Gastro-Stop, Real Time Marketing for and Bravery for Ozmosis. 

Brand Impact & Long Term Results


Challenged to improve the overall Gastro-Stop’s suffer-to-treat ratio from 50% to 60% (as measured by brand tracking), the team had to affect change on a relatively low budget.

The team leveraged behavioural insights to create the Get Back to Your Asian Adventure campaign, playing off the FOMO attached to gastro and positioning Gastro-Stop as a kind of “Travel Insurance” throughout the travel journey. 

The results were outstanding.

  • 69% of people treating (against 60% target)
  • 46% increase in frequency of use
  • 40% increase in brand salience
  • 17% increase in value of sales (against 5% target)

Gastro-Stop also gained ascendancy in brand awareness over the key competitor for the first time, with the competitor decreasing to 40% and Gastro-Stop increasing to 51%. 

It also delivered significant and enduring commercial impact, leading to the brand being accepted into grocery in 2018.

Real-Time Marketing

As the #1 news site in Australia, is under constant pressure to defend its position given the ubiquitous availability of news online. And though the millennial audience was the ticket to further growth – this group were largely getting their news in their social feeds.

So we set out to burst the social bubble of Australian millennials.

Using real-time data and information to engage with consumers in a dynamic, adaptive manner, creative was executed daily in DOOH with weekly TV – neither usually thought of as real-time mediums.

Journalists, the marketing department, Bohemia and M&C Saatchi Sydney were united in a “war room” approach. Working together every day for the four months of the campaign to move at the speed of news.

  • 9am News Shortlist
  • Noon, first round creative
  • 3pm, live in digital, social, search and digital out of home

In total, 85 creative executions went live in under four months.

The campaign delivered impressive levels of growth on a very high base.

  • 10.3M Unique Audience (+13% growth vs target of +5%).
  • +1.1M New customers on a base of 9.2 million.
  • 9.5% Brand awareness.
  • 10% Increase on lead from the nearest competitor (



The MFA Bravery award demonstrate and celebrates how brave decision making has the ability to unlock results for brands and businesses.

Faced with a category in decline and a customer profile which over-indexed on mums and under-indexed on the skaters and surfers themselves, Ozmosis needed to do something drastic to grab the attention of this low-attention audience.

Knowing that the persistence to land a new trick or catch an irresistible wave comes with its fair share of bruises and scars, our strategy was to leverage these battle wounds as a medium to drive both earned attention and traffic to stores. 


  • 13% uplift in sales against 10% target
  • 61% of audience feeling more positive about Ozmosis against 50% target
  • 55% of audience agrees Ozmosis feels edgier and different against 50% target
  • 10x industry average click through rate
  • 105x industry average Facebook / Instagram engagement
  • +30% mobile click through rate vs retail benchmark