Can creativity unite our broken nation?

Emily Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer at M&C Saatchi Group AUNZ talks to The Australian on how Creativity can help unite our broken Nation.

Today, we are divided. Borders keep us physically apart and ideological differences separate us further. This is why, more than ever, we need our government and leadership brands to mobilise creativity to bring us back together.

It’s time for the rousing, heartstring-tugging power of advertising. Rewatchable, shareable, memorable ideas that return us to nationhood, making the Not Very United States of Australia a thing of the past.

Once a proud and largely unified nation, we’ve never been less so; divided into states, regions and even LGAs. Into vaxxers, cautious majorities and anti-vaxxers. Us v them. It’s a performance marketer’s dream – identifiable segments ready for some targeted comms. But it’s also a bloody nightmare.

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