CommBank’s Where’s my Wallet a big hit

Following the successful launch of Commbank’s Cardless Cash facility, M&C Saatchi has extended the campaign to an interactive treasure hunt – ‘Where’s my Wallet’  – that uses the largest ever photo of Sydney as a backdrop.

CommBank’s Cardless Cash facility means losing your wallet isn’t the end of the world because you can still access cash sans card.

“Where’s my Wallet?’ is available for anyone to play, zooming in on streets and buildings up to 100km away to find the 100 wallets concealed in the 120 Gigapixel panorama of the Harbour City. Which people have done in their droves. chasing the $200 wallet-finding prize .

The game smashed its targets with 61,839 visits and engagement levels through the roof with players spending on average 12 minutes and winners a whopping 64 minutes on the site.

Visits to the Cardless Cash landing page rose 117% through the duration of the game that has just been announced as this month’s winner of the IAB Creative Showcase.

The image, shot by Pixelcase, involved three rotating cameras taking 21,000 incremental shots of Sydney from atop the Sky Tower.

The frames took weeks to piece together for one stunning image of the city, the largest photo ever produced in Australia.