Mannie & Jess win M&C Saatchi Global Scholarships.

A pair of young supersuits Jess Coulson and Mannie Spiropoulos have won the M&C Saatchi Global Scholarship and the opportunity to spend three months working in any of the network’s 23 offices around the globe.

Jess, an Account Director and Mannie, a Senior Account Manager are both with M&C Saatchi’s CRM business LIDA.

They were two of four suits nominated by their respective Group Heads to present their scholarship credentials.

The quartet, which also included Optus Account Director Sarah Cunningham and CommBank Senior Account Manager Josh Williams, were tasked with imagining what they would do if they were M&C Saatchi Sydney CEO for three months.

They each made their presentations to the Leadership Group last Friday.

All were of a very high standard with Jess and Mannie’s just edging ahead.

However, they couldn’t be separated, so the decision was made to award each a scholarship.

Jess’s pitch included innovative new revenue streams plus new ways to showcase the agency’s creativity and empower its people.

If given the keys to the top job Mannie would implement programs to more thoroughly integrate technical innovation and Creative.

M&C Saatchi Australia’s actual CEO Jaimes Leggett said the thinking from all four contenders “was straight out of the top drawer”.

“It was inspiring hearing all the great ideas these passionate young staffers have for the Group.

“Actually, I’m glad to ship Mannie and Jess off somewhere for a while, otherwise they might be sizing up my job,” he quipped.

The pair both have their eye on M&C Saatchi’s global HQ in London as their destination.

The M&C Saatchi Global scholarship is an initiative out of the Sydney office that has been adopted all over the worldwide network.