M&C Saatchi steps forward with new Lexus NX campaign

Lexus Australia has stepped forward with the launch of its NX campaign, the next iteration of its ‘For those who dare to step forward’ positioning, via M&C Saatchi.

The campaign’s narrative weaves in the inspiring story of Sydney Dance Company’s award-winning performer David Mack to showcase the new luxury NX range.

Lexus has a proud history of supporting those who are courageous enough to follow their heart and Mack perfectly encapsulates this attitude.

The campaign creative focuses on the parallel themes of Mack’s journey in taking the bold steps necessary to have the life he does today and Lexus’ brand tenet to celebrate those who dare to step forward.

Mack shares Lexus’ passion to be bold and follow your own path. Originating from a small Australian town, he quickly realised his desire for a career in dance – a path that faced all sorts of challenges and barriers. Mack knew that to change his story, he needed to completely change his environment. Today, he is one of the Company’s most renowned dancers.

“Growing up, I was an athlete, a runner. However, I knew in my heart what I really wanted to do was be a dancer despite what others may have thought. I made a decision to make this happen for myself,” said Mack.

The campaign also signifies a new sponsorship between Lexus and Sydney Dance Company that continues the luxury car marque’s commitment to supporting emerging arts talent.

In particular artists passionately committed to breaking through in their respective fields in line with Lexus’ ‘As their story is our story’ ethos.

The Sydney Dance Company partnership will see Lexus support the path of aspiring dancers in their pre-professional year, giving them the resources to help them breakthrough.

The program echoes Lexus’ continued support of Design and Film via The Lexus Design Awards and the global Lexus Short Film competition and the Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship in partnership with Sydney Film Festival.

Adrian Weimers, Lexus Australia Corporate Manager, said: “David Mack’s experience truly embodies the Lexus brand and mindset that goes into the development of our vehicles. We’re delighted to collaborate with him. His story is our story as we take the bold steps needed crafting the best vehicle for our customers.”

Andy Dilallo, M&C Saatchi Sydney Chief Creative Officer, said: “Late last year we had the world’s best wing suit pilot Jeb Corliss jumping from a plane to launch Lexus’ ‘For those who dare to step forward’ positioning – an obvious act of bravery that was ideal for making a big splash. To evolve the story and showcase Lexus’ authentic new depth of attitude we wanted a more internal commitment to making brave decisions and David Mack was the perfect person for this.”

The campaign launched with a 30-second spot that went live across TV, cinema and digital on Sunday 17 April, alongside a number of social content films and activations.

The filming took place in Sydney on 17 and 18 March, 2016.