Welcome! M&C Saatchi Open House is a series of free webinars for anyone who’s ever wanted to enter the creative and media industry. Whether you’re a student, graduate, career changer, or just super curious, join us for nine inspiring training sessions, presented by different M&C Saatchi experts each week.

To take your learning even further, apply for our Internship Program and you’ll also have the opportunity to win a paid internship in Spring 2021.

Internship applications have now closed.
You can still register and attend the webinars.

An insider’s view

Learn how to craft amazing ideas that transform brands and use emerging skills like data and innovation, with exclusive insights and practical takeaways.

You’ll be able to pick the best brains in the business, from our CEO to our heads of Creative, Media, Data, Innovation, Social, PR and CX.

Open House Webinar program

Register for the free webinars

If you’re keen to simply learn more about our industry, register to attend the sessions here.

Apply for our Internship Program
And win a three month paid internship

Like to go even deeper? We have 50 spots in our Open House Internship Program and if your application is successful, you’ll take part in a nine week program, with strategic and creative homework tasks every week, culminating in a pitch response for one of our major clients. The final pitch presentations will be judged by a leadership panel.

The top performers will be offered an onsite three month, paid internship at M&C Saatchi Group where you’ll get hands-on experience inside our house, across strategy, production, account service and media.

Every intern who completes the final brief gets a certificate of completion to use for future job applications. You’ll also star on our website and social channels, so our whole network knows how awesome you are!

How to apply

Just register for our Open House Webinar Program. Give us a paragraph about why you want to be part of the Internship Program and tell us a bit about you by uploading a photo or YouTube / Vimeo link. That’s it, good luck!

Internship applications have now closed.
You can still register and attend the webinars.

Open House Webinars

Webinar ONE

Wednesday 27th January – 6pm

Justin Graham, CEO and Timothy Ng, Account Manager, run us through the different roles in an agency, and why they love marketing and advertising.

Webinar two
Strategic Thinking

Wednesday 3rd February 2021 – 6pm

How to interpret a creative brief, find insights and smart solutions for clients. With Chief Strategy Officer, Emily Taylor and Head of Integrated Strategy, Sophie Price.

Webinar three

Wednesday 10th February 2021 – 6pm

Our Executive Creative Directors, Mandie van de Merwe and Avish Gordhan let you in on their secrets to the creative process and weaving those big brand stories.

Webinar four

Wednesday 17th February 2021 – 6pm

Discover how clever use of data can optimise a campaign’s reach and effectiveness. With Aaminah Latif, our National Performance Director and Nichola Kiely, Business Director.

Webinar five

Wednesday 24th February 2021 – 6pm

An exciting look at how to make innovation integral to your role and how data plays into every campaign. With Ben Cooper, Group Innovation Director and James Collier, Head of Performance.

Webinar six
PR & Communications

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 – 6pm

Krystyna Frasetto, Head of Communications and Saynaree Oudomvilay, Account Director, give you the inside scoop on igniting people’s passions and creating effective campaigns around what people love most.

Webinar seven

Wednesday 10th March 2021 – 6pm

Learn how to be exceptional, delight clients, manage conflicts and work collaboratively on great ideas. With Ben Greenslade, Group Head of Client Relationships and Lisa Milner, General Manager.

Webinar eight

Wednesday 17th March 2021 – 6pm

Expert insights on creating strategic social content and effective campaigns that really connect with your audience. With Emma Parsons, Social Strategy Director and Chloe Schneider, Head of Content & Social.

Webinar nine

Wednesday 24th March 2021 – 6pm

What’s the difference between great CX and UX? Andy Thomas, Executive Creative Director, and Melinda Lofts, CX Strategy Director, explain what it is and why it matters.


How do I apply for the internship?

Register for the Internship applications have now closed.
You can still register and attend the webinars.

What if I want to apply for the internship, but can’t attend all of the webinars?

We will send out the recordings to our Open House Interns, but we encourage you to try and attend all webinars, as you can ask questions and interact with the hosts.

Can I receive the homework tasks ahead of the webinars?

No, we will send out the homework tasks right after the webinars, and you will have a week to complete.

Can I still attend the webinars if I don’t get an internship?

Absolutely! Open House webinars are open to everyone, to help you gain amazing insights into the ad industry.

What if I can’t attend the onsite internship due to other commitments?

We would highly recommend that you only apply for the Open House Internship if you are available on the dates the onsite internship begins (February – April 2020).

What if my homework’s late?

We are a deadline driven industry, and whilst there are always exceptions, we hope you use this experience to practice working within timeframes.

Can interns work together to answer the homework assignments? 

Of course! M&C Saatchi is all about collaboration, but we would encourage you to give it a go solo, so you can get a gauge of how you think.

Can interns work together for the final internship assignment?

No. This task is for individuals – to test your learnings over the whole course and evaluate your individual performance as part of the intern selection process.

What if I don’t want to be promoted on the website?

You can opt out of this.

What if I don’t receive the homework task after the webinar?

You definitely will receive the homework task. If there is any delay that will be taken into account for your deadline.

Can I still join in from a different country / time zone?

Yes, but only to attend the webinars, not the internship program.

What if I’ve applied for the webinars, then later decide to apply for the internship too?

You’ll need to complete the webinar rego form again, and also complete the internship application.

If I’m not looking for a future role with M&C Saatchi, can I still take part in the webinars for my own progression?

Yes! Open House course content is open to everyone. However, you shouldn’t apply for the Internship Program, unless you are available to go onsite, should you win the 3-month paid internship.

Can I invite a friend to one of the sessions?

Unfortunately, the program content is only available if you’ve registered for Open House here.

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M&C Saatchi is committed to diversity and inclusion. We request data from Open House registrants so we can personalise future communications and initiatives. All interns are selected based solely on the strategic and creative merit of their response to the Application and the merit of their final submission. If you are not comfortable submitting answers to mandatory questions they can be left blank.

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