Craft, Camera, Action

Family time has been taken over by screen time. Parents and kids often don’t interact with one another because they’re each on their own devices. BIG W wanted a way to get parents and kids to spend quality time together.

Rather than blame mobile phones for the lack of quality family time, we decide to embrace them. We created Craft, Camera, Action – a digital tool that turns a kid’s real-life craft into the heroes of their own movie.

It started with our animated story, The Big-Headed Bilby. The only difference – the animation didn’t include any of the main characters. Families had to make the heroes of the movie with craft materials lying around the house.

We partnered with immersive technologists and Facebook to turn Messenger into a film editing tool. The interactive platform gave families craft inspiration and the tools to make their own characters. And, using integrated AI, the characters were then cast in their new roles by simply taking a photo in Messenger. In the back-end, every unique creation was rigged and rendered instantly into the film as the stars of the show and delivered via Messenger back to the families. Each film included personalised credits and was crunched in size so that families could share their cinematic debuts on social channels.

+1,000 films

shared via social channels


unique characters created

Thousands of hours of actual family time

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