John Boston. Brewed in honour of legends.

John Boston’s story isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

The paper was hand pulped and rolled from the wood of the small leaved fig tree (Ficus obliqua) and the ink was sensitively extracted from the rare squid found in the azure waters near the South Pacific beach where John Boston was murdered and ultimately eaten.

Actually, not a single bit of this is true, but we think it’s what John Boston, self-proclaimed ‘First Australian Brewer’ would have written, being one of the world’s greatest liars.

John Boston’s story was too big for any headline and, let’s be brutally honest, too expensive for a commercial so we used a medium oft neglected. A medium that allowed us to finely craft John Boston’s story just as John Boston beer is finely crafted today – the long body copy cross-track poster.

John Boston’s failure as a brewer also echoed the multiple failures of the Australian rail system. Their (and we’re being kind here,) ‘adequate’ service led to constant delays and large crowds of impatient commuters on most city platforms. Bereft of reading material due to patchy underground network coverage, the cross track long body copy poster allowed us to tell an amusing story before the next 1980s built, un-airconditioned train rolled into the station.

We hope you enjoy reading about John Boston as much as the cannibals enjoyed eating him.

John Boston beer tastes amazing. According to cannibals, so did John Boston.
John Boston was a terrible liar... however, a wonderful main course.
A man whose name is on our bottle, and thankfully, whose beer isn't in it.