Just Change, Just Water

Leveraging Gen Z’s enthusiasm for social activism to turn passive consumers into active sales agents.

The Background

JUST Water is sustainably-sourced water in a plant-based carton. 100% Australian Spring Water, 88% Plant-Based packaging and 50% lower carbon footprint than PET, it’s the most sustainable choice in the water aisle.

The brand – co-founded by Jaden Smith – is new to Australia, and keen to shake up the local category by taking a lead in driving positive change, but after being delisted from Woolworths and major petrol stations, we were brought on to solve a critical  business challenge: generate new leads and, ultimately, increase distribution.

The Solution

The insight was powerful – every minute around the world, we purchase one million single-use plastic bottles. Most of those end up as landfill or our oceans and waterways. 

Gen Z are the most concerned, and very willing to contribute to the solution.

We resolve JUST Water retail decline by enlisting Gen Z advocates in a social movement to rid Australia of plastic water bottles and make the #JUSTChange to JUST Water. 

With a rapidly changing digital landscape we talk in the language they speak, in the space they play; social. Utilising Gen Z Tik Tok creators we challenge their audiences to spread the news about an issue close to their heart.

Once we’ve sparked attention and inspired our audience with our messaging across Tik Tok and Instagram, we’ll use them as ‘informants’ to nominate businesses, via a simple form, to JUST Change and stop selling plastic water bottles. The result is a movement towards a more sustainable future and over 500 new business leads for JUST Water.

The JUST Change campaign is an excellent representation of what hyper-passion marketing is all about – it connects JUST Water to the hyper-relevant, important issue of plastic waste that youth audiences are incredibly concerned about. Moreover, partnering with key leaders on TikTok and inviting fans to actively participate in the campaign and spread our message, reflects the new ways audiences experience and share stories – marketing ‘with’ them rather than ‘to’ them.

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