Live more yes!

up in retail WoW
net port position increase against Telstra YoY
increase in conversion
Live more yes


Following a hugely successful Optus rebrand, we continued to evolve the brand platform – engaging new and existing customers, building on Optus’ brand positioning and its promise to Australia of ‘Yes!’.

The campaign idea, ‘Live More Yes!’ was designed to capture the spirit and the imagination of a millennial audience and be a call-to-arms, reigniting the Optus brand and creating a new and positive force that gets Australians to reappraise their current telco.

The Big Idea

The campaign delivered the inspiring sentiment at the heart of the ‘Yes’ promise in a big, bold way. It all kicked off with a big commercial presented by a well-known young Australian comedian (who’s also a real customer), jam-packed with 80s pop music, giant kittens, sun, snow, helicopters and mirror balls. Too much? Not for the power of ‘Yes!’

For the first time since June 2010, Optus reported a positive net port position against Telstra, with an almost 200% increase year-on-year.

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