News In Colour is Australia’s number one news site, however, its leadership position is constantly challenged due to the ubiquitous availability of news online.

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Faced with a bombardment of challengers from both here and abroad, tasked us to relaunch to a millennial audience and communicate a differentiated proposition to create a habit with this notoriously nomadic audience.
Algorithms serve up what they think people want to read again and again.

It means that the news is boring.

It’s always the same.

And millennials crave a little more provocation and diversity.
So we set out to burst the social bubble of Australian millennials.

We wanted to inspire them to view the full spectrum of news – from the diverse to the serious, to the provocative to the plain silly.

The Big Idea

So, we created ‘News in Colour’ a campaign that celebrates the diversity of news and runs at the speed of news.

Whenever stories broke, we were there.

From Kim’s big bomb and Kim’s bum, to crocs in pools and nations divided.

And everything in between.

Across the 6 months launch campaign digital outdoor ads went live within 8 hours of stories breaking, while TV spots gave weekly roundups of what you missed if you didn’t visit the site.

To do it, we had news editors, creatives and media work together to identify culturally significant live news stories – turn them into ads – and place them in contextually relevant and targeted media.

All in the space of 8 hours, so for the very first time, viewers could see up to date news on mediums not associated with up to date content.

It was a true marriage of content and context, written and produced as fast as the news itself.

The results

Well, they were newsworthy too.

During the campaign, almost half the Australian population visited

It was the most successful campaign in’s history, smashing all KPIs.

The brand cemented its position as Australia’s #1 news site, breaking all records to deliver a monthly unique audience of 9.8m Australians in October 2018 – half of the adult population of Australia.

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