NRMA FireBlanket

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For many Australians, living in and around the bush is a way of life. But it’s not without risk. 1 in 10 Australian lives are threatened by bushfire each year.

NRMA Insurance has been there to help protect Australia’s way of life for the past 90 years.

The bushfire destruction we keep witnessing is heartbreaking. It compelled us to do more to help minimise the impact of bushfires on communities.

Detecting bushfires early enough to control them has proven to be difficult. Which got us thinking, you can smell a bushfire, even when you cannot see it. The challenge, how to monitor the bushland of Australia?


The Big Idea

NRMA FireBlanket is an early bushfire detection and monitoring network prototype made up of sensor nodes that sniff the air for bushfire smoke. If smoke is detected they can communicate with each other via a wireless sensor network to help locate the source.

The project has been in development for two years and the group has now engaged leading Australian science organisation, CSIRO Data61, for further testing and exploration of the prototype.

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