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Optus is Australia’s second largest telco provider. Most people think the number one player covers a much higher proportion of the country’s population, when the difference is actually less than one per cent. Our task was change the conversation from the size of the Optus Network, to what it can do to improve people’s lives.

Australia has four times more fatal shark attacks than any other country. Yet our shark defence methods haven’t changed in over 60 years. So what if we could use the power of the Optus Network to protect our beachgoers and our sharks?

The Big Idea

Introducing Clever Buoy. A world-first smart ocean buoy calibrated to detect sharks, using sonar to read their unique movement and wake, and send instant alerts to lifeguards.

These real-time messages are transferred using Optus’ Inmarsat satellite, and the data is shared with scientists and Google researchers. An innovation partnering two of our clients.

Clever Buoy – 2017

Awarded and recognised across the world, Clever Buoy even impressed former NSW State Premier, Mike Baird, who made it a key part of his recent election campaign and selected it to be a part of the NSW Government Department of Primary Industries $16 million fund to combat increased shark attacks.

After a successful prototype launch
 and trials on NSW beaches, Clever Buoy recently travelled to J-Bay in South Africa, protecting surfers as part of the World Surfing League. It’s also now a new revenue stream for Shark Mitigation Systems with being listed on the ASX as of May 2016 (SM8).

Most importantly, the Western Australian government has entrusted Clever Buoy with keeping beachgoers safe, making it a permanent fixture on the iconic City Beach, WA.

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