Puma Hybrid Athlete

There have never been more training disciplines at our disposal.

Younger consumers’ training habits have become diverse, jumping seamlessly from football training to cross-fit to yoga.

The Puma Hybrid Astro sneaker is as versatile as modern athletes themselves, constantly evolving and being influenced by everything they do.



Together with Google and Puma, we developed Astro, an artificial intelligence character that utilises machine learning to learn training skills and in turn, help members of the public learn themselves.

We used professional Puma ambassadors to train Astro on the best movements, gradually getting smarter and fitter the more exposure Astro received.

The idea combined technology with creativity, built talkabilty around the brand and successfully demonstrate the training value of the sneaker.

But more importantly, it got consumers engaging with the product and the brand in both real-world and digital environments.