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QUIT needed an idea that could shock smokers, young and old, into giving up.

The audience was threefold:
Underage smokers
People who’re already smoking
People who’ve been smoking for a long time

World No Tobacco Day was a great media opportunity.

The Big Idea

The ideal insight presented itself, in a simple, hard-hitting fact issued by the World Health Organisation: one person dies every 6 seconds due to tobacco.

Vine, with its 6-second looping videos, was the perfect medium for the message.

Three Vines were made, one for each major smoker demographic. Each a chilling demonstration of how often – and how many – smoking kills.

The Vine campaign has given us a bunch of followers, across all ages, from underage millennial smokers to lifetime habituals. New people, many of them smokers, who we can engage with and talk to on a regular basis. It's given us an even greater chance of reducing the scary 6-seconds statistic.

Glyn McIntosh, CEO of QUIT

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