Save This Rhino – India



Following the learnings from Save This Rhino (2019) set in South Africa, former English cricket captain Kevin Pietersen is keen to find out more about what’s happening to rhinos in India, his second home. Kevin sets out to discover all that India has to offer from the culture to the unique wildlife and what wildlife conservation, especially for rhinos, looks like there. This time he teams up with National Geographic explorer and world renowned conservationist Dr Krithi Karanth on a journey to Kaziranga National Park to find out exactly what’s going on and the ways they can help. Do rhinos face the same issues as in South Africa?


Episode1: Hero’s of Kaziranga

After experiencing the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa in 2018, ex-cricketer Kevin Pietersen (KP) continues his conservation journey and travels to Assam, where the last Indian rhinos live. Poaching is still an ongoing battle there, but the situation is drastically improving. KP soon discovers why. The efforts and hard work that local authorities and people in the Assam region are putting towards conservation is making a great difference for the lives of the endangered species.

Episode 2: Battling Nature’s Fury

After seeing how well the Indian population are dealing with Rhino poaching, KP continues his quest in Kaziranga National Park and quickly discovers that there is a far worst threat to rhinos. The annual floods. Each year rhinos have to escape this natural phenomenon by moving to higher ground. In doing so, they are in direct conflict with people and homes surrounding the park who are dealing with the same issue. The rhinos either become scared of facing the human race or become too exhausted on their journey uphill and drown. This occurrence is symptomatic of what climate change and population growth are creating around the world. KP has seen how technology can drastically improve conservation efforts in Africa. Now, he wants to see its potential in India.

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