That’s why I pick Woolies



With increasing competition from Aldi and a discount-happy Coles, Woolworths needed a brand refresh – one that rediscovered its friendly, Aussie tone of voice. It had to be simple, flexible and consumer focused.

The Big Idea

Over fourteen million Australians shop at Woolworths every week, and they do so for countless reasons. Price, value, experience, service – the grocer who’s always ready to explain exactly what’s in season.

By making the campaign consumer focused rather than Woolworths focused, we could explain both the rational and emotional reasons why Australians choose to shop there.‘That’s why I pick Woolies’ was born. Simple and colloquial, it allowed us to tell a variety of customer stories whilst keeping our fresh food credentials, after all, there’s nothing more natural than the word ‘pick.’ It’s what Woolworths farmers and growers do every single morning.

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